Unusual names for Scotch Tailfire and Sunray are to be launched by The Singleton with thhope of attracting a new demographic to the whisky category.

The two new additions to the Speyside’s portfolio were introduced by the Diageo Master Blender Dr Matthew Crow. He noted that Tailfire offers an emphasis on berry flavours aided by maturation in Sherry barrels while the Sunray is characterised by honeyed notes enhanced by ex Bourbon barrels. He said “They are big flavours which attract your attention but not simple”. He continued “Big, bold and accessible gives you something to latch on to.” In an effort to bring these new expressions to a wider audience The Singleton has recruited to mixologist Andrea Montague as their Ambassador. She has created a new cocktail for each whisky. Sunray has been mixed with fresh lemon, sugar and mead and topped with soda to creates a honeyed version of a Whisky Collins. While “Tailfire” appears as the “Fruity Scot” mixed with lemon juice, crème de mure and white grape juice. (None of which appeals to me but I am not the target market !) Montague commented that Scotch whisky has a kind of halo of respect which prevented people being adventurous in modern cocktails. Hopefully the modern cocktail culture will accept the new wave.