Press Releases

  • Oracle Paradis Wine Fund Event – 10th September 2013
    The Oracle Paradis Wine Fund was proud to host national and international media at a prestigious wine tasting in London recently. The event was to celebrate the purchase of a 1781 Château Chalon, the oldest surviving bottle of this remarkable vintage from the Jura vineyards in France. Among the wines tasted was the rare 1895 Château Chalon. The tasting received glowing reviews in The Spectator and Decanter magazines, among other publications. The event was introduced by Oracle Capital Group’s CEO Yury Gantman and the tasting was hosted by David Nathan-Maister, director of the Fund.
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  • Why you should consider wine as an investment opportunity
    Wine doesn’t just have to be a way of emptying your pockets. David Nathan-Maister from the Oracle Paradis Wine Fund explains how you can use investing in wine to grow your portfolio.
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  • Wine and Rare Spirits: Investment and pleasure
    The Oracle Paradis Wine Fund was established in late 2012 by Oracle Capital Group, a global multifamily office and wealth consultancy, based in London. The Fund has attracted nearly $4 million in new investment over the last few months.
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  • Business of Cognac
    May 3 (Bloomberg) Cognac Croizet Americas President Gennady Agrest discusses the business of cognac with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”
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  • A new wine fund diversifies into rare old spirits
    17 April 2013, London: Oracle Capital Group, a global independent multi-family office and wealth consultancy, has launched the Oracle Paradis Wine Fund as a new alternative asset investment opportunity. In an additional benefit for investors, the Oracle Paradis Wine Fund has added a new share class to its classic wines – rare cognacs and whiskies. This allows for much wider diversification than other wine funds.
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  • Cognac Croizet sets a World Record
    28 September 2011
    Cognac Croizet sets a World Record by selling their Cuvee Leonie Cognac which dates back to 1858 for a 1 Million RMB (156 700 USD) at an auction in Shanghai on 24 September 2011. The cognac house said this is the first bottle of Cuvée Léonie ever released in mainland China.

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