The South African producer Journey’s End is to celebrate the launch of their “Trebuchet Syrah” by commissioning a full scale, working version of the Medieval siege weapon. The project was conceived in partnership with fellow trebuchet fan, Huw Kennedy in Shropshire where Journey’s End owner Rollo Gab has a home.

The 20 m high, 12 tonne trebuchet will swing into action this week end near Bridgnorth when it will hurl several items at an old church organ and an old car. Mr Gabb is reported to have said “Combining ancient knowledge with modern technology is something that fascinates me and it seems to suit our 2008 Syrah down to the ground.”

Besides assisting in launching the wine the initiative aims to funds for local communities in both Shropshire and, where the wine is produced, in Stellenbosch. In Shropshire the funds raised will go towards a new church organ! The machine will betaken apart and moved to Stellenbosch for reconstruction and will be used to entertain visitors to the winery and also raise funds for charity.