I am always cautious about relating alcoholic consumption to good health although there is a mountain of literature that links moderate consumption of certain alcoholic beverages to all manner of good health. Most recent study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology has found that certain beverages can increase a person’s chance of developing kidney stones.

The study found doses of sugar sweetened drinks can increase the chances of developing kidney stones, while other beverages can help to reduce the risk of developing the condition. The study looked at a large amount of data on over 190,000 adults, mostly middle-aged, who had never had kidney stones. Over an eight year timespan 4,462 developed the stones and those who drank the most sugar-sweetened beverages were the most likely to find themselves with kidney stones.

In terms of lowering the risk of kidney stones beer came out on top, when consumed once a day compared to once a week. The risk fell by 41% for a daily beer, but wine also proved beneficial with a 33% reduction in risk with a daily versus weekly glass of white wine and 31 % for red wine.
Other drinks also saw the kidney stone risk fall, the study found that the risk fell by 26% foe caffeinated coffee, 16% for decaffeinated coffee, 12 % for orange juice and 11 % for tea.