I am all for innovation but must admit I do not find seaweed as gin flavour very attractive. However I need to try the gin before I knock it ! The Da Mhile Distillery in Ceredigion in Wales has produced a gin in which seaweed is infused for three weeks giving it a “yellow green hue” ! Not only do I find the ingredient not to be attractive but I also can’t pronounce the name !! However, I am intrigued to sample it. According to the producers the seaweed gin is made using “select herbs and spices known for their complimentary flavours to sea food.” They continue “the gin is an ideal accompaniment to mussels and oysters.” It adds “Evolutionists claim that seaweed is the source of life. If that is correct it makes Da Mhile seaweed gin the true” ‘water of life. ‘ “
The maker of the gin is John Savage-Onstwedder, founder of the Da Mhile distillery he also makes Caws Teifi Seaweed cheese. He is reported to have said “the pursuit of excellence is written in our DNA and every product we make has to be of the highest quality and unique.”
Apparantly the seaweed used is gathered on the beaches of Newquay in Cornwall.
The more I write this the more I am aware that tomorrow is 1st of April and so beware of the April Fool.
Stellenbosch 31st March 2014