The Scottish brewer “Innis and Gunn” have released a limited edition smoked beer “Smokin Gunn”.
The 7.4 % brew is a collaboration with David Ashton-Hyde, head bartender at Heston Blumenthal’s Michelin-starred pub the Hinds Head in Bray.

Smokin Gunn is made in the style of a German Bamberg Rauchbier using malts that are smoked over beech wood in order to give a faint charcoal character to the beer. The beer is matured in ex-bourbon casks to give a “vanilla hit” before being finished with maple syrup to add a layer of “toasty sweetness.” Hyde was inspired by his love for maple syrup and Bourbon. He wanted a beer that would combine savoury and sweet elements. He considers “The soured mash and sweet and smoky tones from the maple and Bourbon off set one another and work really well”