The first move by Carlsberg is making its first move into the so-called “hard drinks” category with a new lemon drink aimed at young men. Carlsberg is a historic beer producer but has moved to keep pace with the modern trends. The “Seth & Riley Garage” is aimed at young men a aged 25 and older and believes the beverage offers an alternative to “standard alcopops”. They consider its “perfectly balanced bittersweet taste and rustic appearance” differentiates it from its competitors. The drink carries the tag line “Kind of genius. Kind of.” It is 4.6 % abv inspired by USA’s traditional “home made lemonade”. The bottles have been designed to look “hand made” and have ring pull closures. Bars will be supplied with S & R Garage branded jars for consumers to drink from.
The alcoholic content comes from naturally fermented sugars. The initial launches will be in Canada and Russia with US to follow.