Most of Argentine has reported outstanding quality out of 2013 vintage. A mild spring and a cool summer has helped to produce more elegant wines. Great balance seems to be the word everywhere and with wonderful natural acidity and less alcohol. However, no matter how good the harvest was the political position is almost unworkable. The government’s policies on import restrictions, rocketing inflation, alleged unpaid debt to the USA and uncompetitive local currency is foreboding a potentially fatal noose around the wine industry’s neck according to the trade.

Across the Andes the political situation is less complicated but the climate presented it’s own challenges with irregular weather making the harvest a logistic nightmare. In general the weather was cooler than usual leading to delayed harvest but much longer ripening time on the vine which should be good. Central regions had a very cols spring which caused a lot of mildew problems in poorly managed vineyards. Some outstanding wines are expected but probably a much reduced quantity.